About Ames

Don’t let the sweet little blonde look throw you off. She may look innocent, but Ames Lane is proof that it can be a grave error to judge any book by its cover, particularly this one. Hard knocks and the streets of SE Portland have shaped this beauty into a raw and edgy source to be reckoned with. Stay on her good side and you’ll be treated to loyalty and eternal good nature, but cross her and you may suffer her sharp and biting wit. If, that is, she will suffer you at all.

As a Cancer, she is strictly devoted to anything she deems valuable – her family & friends, home and health. Her hard working nature is admirable and her day never ends until the job is done be that in the office or training for her next race. Come sunset, this girl turns into the life of the party. Be it a quick happy hour at a tiny bar or an all night bash, you can count on her to be there. Her wide reach of interests and co-conspirators sets the stage for this journal offering an honest look at what’s going on behind those intriguing eyes.

Be warned, they are always open, always watching. All the better to blog you with… ~QC

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