Breaking up is hard to do.

I came across this article/story/blog post via Twitter. (Twitter, you’re so awesome!) I found myself laughing out LOUD. I do this a lot (reading and laughing) in the presence of my husband-to-be, which generally results in a confused, sideways glance….Anyhow, breaking up IS hard to do and when you’re a teenager it seems like the most devastating event in your life. Unless you’ve experienced poverty or death, it probably is.

As you get older, it can have a similar impact. I can think back to my own personal experiences and remembering how sad I was. The constant crying, disrupted sleep, lack of appetite (ok, so I ALWAYS kept eating). I reveled on how life would never be the same. “Why me? Why doesn’t anyone love me.” Thankfully things never would be the same again. Life will never be the same. And often times, for good reason. We grow, we change, we get over it. Time it will take, but we often come out stronger in the end.

This little piece is a humorous way to reflect.

Everything as Fuck by Ian Karmel