I agree with many points of Jen Gunter’s post in response to George Will’s recent opinion piece about the effects ‘sexual assault’ is having on college and university campuses. For me, Will’s column seems a bit all over the place jumping from ‘a not rape’ to the diminished autonomy and prestige of colleges and universities. He has every right to his opinion, but it can be dangerous when his kind of message is disseminated. Reports of rape and sexual assaults have to be taken seriously. Not all assaults are reported, but that doesn’t make them any less of a violation.

The stereotypes and stigmas associated with these events need to be dispelled. People need to be educated and enlightened, not shamed into silence. Some people are stronger than others. People have different coping mechanisms (maybe none) and deal with things differently. We can hypothesize about how we’d handle the situation, or imagine how our son or daughter would deal. Surely they’d go screaming for the hills and tell the first person they saw, stranger or not, right? But we don’t really know until we come face to face with plight. We shouldn’t pass judgement on victims when we have not stood in their shoes.


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